Getting Rid Of Mice – Which Methods To Use

Among the eyesores that we really dread in our homes or general spaces are mice. Cockroaches are one of them, and we just wish that they never existed on this planet so they would stop giving us such a hard time. Mice are next on line and are equally a nuisance especially if they invade your space without your permission or authorization. Sure we can keep some of them as pets, but the rest are so pesky and need to be taught a lesson or more in order for them to steer clear from our homes.

There are so many devices that have been invented since time immemorial to keep mice at bay, but they just won’t budge. It’s time for us to be objective and take our rightful places as the owners of our homes and see which are the best ways to get rid of them once and for all.

Mouse trap

We have been using these traps ever since we were kids, but it works to a certain extent. I am not sure whether we have lost our touch in setting it up, but they seem to be multiplying. As we are all aware, we have the disease-causing species as well as the harmless one. If you are generally not a fan of them, read on to find out how to make the mousetrap as effective as can be.


Place some cheese on the mouse trap

Studies show that mice and cheese are inseparable and they just can’t say no to it. If you put two and two together, you will see that a mouse trap and some cheese are just the perfect recipes for a dead mouse for good. You must also be able to tell what time the mouse is likely to come out of its hiding place in order for you to execute your grand plan.

Use some poison for the mouse

At your local stores, you can shop around and ask for it; you just can’t miss to find it. At the most affordable prices and in the best of conditions, you will finally have victory over the pesky mouse that has been making your life a living hell.

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Keep a cat

dhjd84If you don’t have a cat, the only solution is to get one either from friends or relatives. If you don’t like cats, just step on it and get one even if it’s just for a week. Cats have a natural way to literally smell a mouse and can even detect it when it’s in hiding. What’s more, you don’t have to pay a single coin to have the mouse exterminated.

Another thing about keeping a cat is that it hunts for all other pests aside from the mouse so we can say it is multipurpose.

Clean your house

The key to note is that mice love dirty and unkempt places so you have to check on that. Clean your house thoroughly especially your kitchen and ensure that every time you are through with your cooking, you have to clean any spillages or messes that you may have made.